Top 200 Malayali Baby Boy and Girl names

Naming your bundle of joy, your cutie pie can be the happiest but most intense task of your life. You might be struggling with which direction to go and what to choose from. Of Course you don't want to end up regretting once your baby's name is inked on the certificate. If you do the needful research and go on the right path then there is no room to regret.

You need to keep many factors in mind while naming a baby. Going with the trend is what many parents do. No doubt that is a good option but you need to make sure that the name stands the test of time. Mostly the names that trend at a particular time might not be relevant once the trend is out. You shouldn't regret going behind the trend. Hence  always go for names which you feel may not lose importance even if the trend is out. Another way is to go with names that have meanings that you connect with. This meaning could be anything. It could be how you feel about the baby, how you want others to know your parenting style is, what you need to convey to the world about your baby and yourself or how you want your baby to feel once he or she grows up.

Top 200 Malayali Baby Boy and Girl names

One great option is to look into your family trees and roots for a suitable name. You may find names which may glorify your culture and traditions and also be unique at the same time. You can ask your relatives and do a detailed analysis. You should keep in mind that your baby needs to use this name wherever he/she goes. Avoid names that are too difficult to use at different places. Do not overcomplicate spellings of the name so that your baby has to spell his/her name everywhere he/she goes. Some parents like to go with names of celebrity kids. You can choose these names if you feel connected with the meanings of these names.People also go to astrologers and choose the first alphabets of the name based on the advice of the astrologer. They consider these alphabets to be lucky.

The naming ceremony of babies in Kerala has different names based on the region. It happens usually on the 28th day of the baby's birth. Relatives will be gathered at the baby's home on the morning of the 28th day. They bring gifts for the baby. Some people choose to do the ceremony at the auspicious time given by the astrologer. During the ceremony the baby's father says the name in the baby's ears. Then sweets are distributed among the relatives. The ceremony finishes with relatives departing after a feast together.  

We have made your job easy by making an exclusive list of top 200 Malayali Baby Boy and Girl names that you can choose from for your little one. We wish you and your baby  to have a great naming ceremony day experience.

Top 100 Malayali Baby Boy Names

Latest Malayali Baby Boy Names


Abhnabhas- Famous
Abhinit- Acted
Abhijit- one who conquers the world
Bhagyaraj-God of luck
Budhadev- Lord Buddha
Bhrihathjyot-Agnira’s son
Balachandran- Moon
Chandradev-Moon God
Chithraban-One among the kauravas
Chandransh-Ray  of moonlight
Chidaanth- The supreme spirit
Dignesh- Direction
Dhruvan- Star
Dhvanya- Sound
Dhwan- White
Eashav-Very special
Edi- Healer
Ekayavan- One who is wise
Eshwardutt- God’s gift
Gokul- Lord Krishna
Grahit- knowledgeable
Girinath- Lord Krishna
Govil- One who is respected
Gorank-Fair faced
Hetvik- Lord Siva
Hitansh- Rising Sun
Hetshree- God’s Love
Harshanand- happiness
Harkishan-Lord Vishnu
Henith- Tiger
Hemitra- Lord Vishnu
Indresha- Lord Indra
Iham- Desire
Irya- Powerful
Inesh-  A Strong King
Ihit- Prize of Honor
Ishayu- Strong
Jarnav-Lord Shiva
Janmey- Born
Jaimesh-Good man
Jainand- The glory of victory
Jaicharan- Feet of a victorious
Kineesh- Succeed
Kiyash-Lord Krishna
Kirtesh- Own Praising
Kapilesh- Hanuman
Kaashin- Lord of Kashi
Kashik- the brilliant one
Lijesh-Bright feature
Libin- God’s manuscript
Layam- Rhythm
Lathesh- God of the climbers
Lavan- Handsome
Lepaksh- Painted yes
Layak- Clever
Lokit- Enlightened one
Maadhav-Lord Krishna
Masharth- Mother’s heart
Mahir- Brave
Maalin- Garlands
Nadeesh- God of river
Nabhij- God Bhrama
Nadeep-Lord of prosperity
Pallab- Leaves
Parnab- Joyous
Palvit- Lord Vishnu
Rahith- God
Ranjan- makes life happy
Raj- Mighty
Raivat- A sage
Rabnit- God’s regulator
Rabinesh- Pet of God
Raben- A bird
Saanya-Not comparable
Saanjdya- One who is godly
Saarang-Musical instrument
Sharan- Running
Sarik- Small bird
Saarth- Charioteer of Partha
Saatej- Brilliant
Saaraansh- Summary
Saaras- moon
Taalish- God of Earth
Taamas- Darkness
Taanvik- slender
Taarak-Pupil of the yes
Taaraksh- Star
Uddhav- A friend
Udayan-A king
Udipt- Rising Sun
Uddhish- Lord shiva
Vaideh-Name of mercury
Vaibhav- Richness
Vahin- Lord Shiva
Vaibudh- Belongs to God
Vadath- Sacred one
Yadukrishnan- Lord Krishna
Yadunandan-Of yadu Clan
Yaduraj- King of Yadus
Yadnyesh-Lord 11

Top 100 Malayali Baby Girl Names

Latest Malayali Baby Girl Names

Aadhira- Strong
Adanya- Derived from a name of a King
Aadya- First one
Aadhyasri- the beginning
Aadhyavi- Warrior
Aadanya- Expressive
Bhavika- Natural
Bhavya- Grand
Bhaavini- Emotional
Bhadra- Auspicious
Bhama- Charming
Bhanavi-Sun’s Descendant
Chaitanya- Conscious
Chaithra- Bright
Chaitna- full of life
Chaitravi- Born in the Chaitra month
Danvi- Charitable
Dhanushri- Sagittarius
Darika- Maiden
Daitree- The earth
Danyata- Fulfilment
Ekansha- Complete
Ehanya- The child of earth
Ekagra- Focussed
Gargi- Inspiring
Gannika- Valuable
Garin- Holiness
Garati- A virtuous woman
Ganitha- Regarded
Garvi- Pride
Garin- Holiness
Garvi- Pride
Gathika- Song
Gauri- fair woman
Gaurimanohari- A raga
Garvi- proud
Gauryanvi- makes proud
Hansini- Swan
Hanshita- like a swan
Hansika- beautiful lady
Hanusheela- Goddess Saraswati
Ipsitha- Desired
Ihitha- Wish
Ijaya- Sacrifice
Ikshana- Sight
Jahita- Flower
Jahnvi- River ganga
Jai priya- Victorious
Jahnavi- River Ganga
Jailaya- Music
Jailekha- Victory
Janavika- One who gathers Knowledge
Kavya- Poem
Kalpitha- Creative
Kavina- Universal
Kavinya- A good girl
Keertana- A song
Keerthika- Famous person
Ketaki- Cream coloured flower
Laalitya- Loveliness
Lashya- Dance of goddess Parvati
Laasyavi- Goddess Lalitha
Laboni- Beautiful
Lasthritha- Pretty
Manvika-Maanav’s female form
MaanushI- Goddess Lakshmi
Maanini- Noble woman
Manhitha- Together
Nhar-The day
Nagina- Jewel
Naijia- wisdom
Nailika- Knowledgable
Naidhrua- Goddess Parvathi
Naima- Enjoyable
Naina- Beautiful eyes
Naimisha- Transient
Omaja- Spiritual unity
Omi- sound of the universe
Oorja- Energy
Omisha-goddess of birth and death
Parita- Direction
Parisi- Fairy
Parnita- complete
Paveena- pure
Pavinika-Lord of air
Rahini- Goddess Sraswathi
Rajika- Lamp
Ragini- A melody
Rahithya- Inviting
Rajisha- Moon
Rajitha- Illuminated
Saadvitha- Possibilities
Saagarika- One who is born n ocean
Saahasyara- Adorer
Sahaana- Patience
Saagnika- Passionate
Saahithi- Literature
Saahili- Suitor
Saanvi- Goddess Lakshmi
Saanjh- Evening
Takshvi- Goddess Lakshmi
Tanashvi- Wealthiness
Tanavi- Slender
Tanmayee- Very calm
Tanashvi- Wealthiness
Takshya- Another name of goddess Lakshmi
Ujesha- Conquering
Udvita- Lotus
Udyati- Elevated
Ujjaini- Ancient city
Vahini- flowing
Vaibhavi- rich
Vaidahi- Princess
Vaidhe- Goddess Sita
Vaidika- Veda
Yashasvi- Famous
Yashika- famous
Yashi- Successful

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