Best Sanskrit Baby Boy and Sanskrit Girl names with Meanings 2022

If you are looking for an unique sanskrit baby name for your child, then you have landed on the best place. Be it a baby boy name or a baby girl name, it’s a very precious possession of a baby. Most parents want their babies to have baby names that reflect their ethnicity, culture and tradition. Sanskrit is the oldest and richest dialect in India and it provides a rich treasure of unique and meaningful baby names.These sanskrit baby names are blended with spirituality, history and religion making it a compelling reason to choose sanskrit as the language while finalizing baby boy name or baby girl namesBest Sanskrit Baby Boy and Sanskrit Girl names with Meanings 2022

In Spite of the ocean of suggestions of baby names both offline and online, it's still a very daunting task to choose the right sanskrit baby name. Due to plenty of options you might also get confused as it is something you want your baby to carry proudly throughout his life.To make a final choice for your baby name is joyful as well as overwhelming.
 Most languages in India have originated from Sanskrit, for parents who search for names in Sanskrit language, often their wish will be to lay the foundation for their baby to connect with traditionalism. It emphasizes on how the baby is born in Indo Aryan root, how the Sanskrit baby name can be unique and appreciates our deep ancestry as well.Often the Sanskrit baby names in India are chosen based on ancestral names that are either inspirations or have deeper meanings.Once you have this direction set then the task becomes a little easier.

Choosing unique Sanskrit baby names will definitely turn many heads up. No matter wherever your baby goes. For parents who stay abroad, choosing the Sanskrit baby boy name or a Sanskrit baby girl name is indeed a tribute to their motherland.

Sanskrit is known as a classical language of the Indian subcontinent belonging to the Indic group of language families of Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, and Indo Aryan. In India it is very common to find sanskrit baby names.
Sanskrit baby girl names  like Uma or Veda are time-honored names with definitions that make them even more unique and attractive. Uma means splendor and Veda means wisdom. By picking a Sanskrit baby name for your little one you're opening up the doors for your baby to start off a life that has substantial history to take some inspiration from. Sanskrit baby boy names like Aditya, meaning ‘the sun’, or Jahan, meaning ‘the world’, have been powerful names for many many years. This also assures that Sanskrit names never will be out of trend ever. In case, you are looking more names based on hindu mythology, please check out top 100 hindu baby boy names  and hindu baby boy and girl names with meaning

Most people name their baby based on their culture or the place they come from, especially with parents from Indian origin. Because all languages have roots from Sanskrit, we can find many baby names in Sanskrit among people in India.Though all languages evolved and there are very modern names in them, people still stick to Sanskrit when it comes to naming their babies.Sometimes trends of people living in foreign countries also have taken names from sanskrit as they find it very unique and attractive.

We have carefully chosen top 200 special Sanskrit baby names that your baby can carry as a crown and which stays as a crown forever by being not bound by time or place he lives in. We wish you a great experience in naming your bundle of Joy.

100 Sanskrit Baby boy names in India


Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

  • Aashwith- Ocean
  • Achyut- Lord Vishnu
  • Adwith - Unique
  • Bidyut - Full of knowledge
  • Bhadran - Auspicious
  • Bhaswar - Glorious
  • Jishnu- Victorious
  • Chinmaya (with joy)
  • Chandrabhan (Moon)
  • Mourya- Greatness
  • Itish- Lord Shiva
  • Jagdish- Lord of the universe
  • Karunesh- Lord of Mercy
  • Darshan (vision)
  • Ashmik- boy made of stone
  • Mitansh- Male friend
  • AtmaGaurav- Proud
  • Nandish- Lord Shiva
  • Sashwat- Eternal
  • Savar-  Lord Shiva
  • Ksayana-Tranquil water
  • Mimansa- Eager one
  • Trinabh-Lord Vishnu
  • Grantham- Easily accessible
  • Divyam- Divine
  • Niskarsh- Outcome of work
  • Mukund: Lord Vishnu (freedom giver, precious stone)
  • Savar: Lord Shiva
  • Amol: Faithful, king
  • Diyan: Judge, leader, captain
  • Ranav: King
  • Ekam- Unity
  • Yuvan: Young king, heir apparent
  • Ekaveer: A unique hero
  • Ajai: Invincible, no defeat
  • Ranajay: Victorious
  • Ahar- Defender
  • Ekaksh- One eyed Shiva
  • Hrishikesh- God Vishnu
  • Jaksh-God of wealth
  • Tarush: Conqueror
  • Tavasya: Strength
  • Kevalya- Aloneness
  • Jivanshu- Part of life
  • Gautam (name of Buddha)
  • Hansin (universal soul)
  • Malin: Little warrior, strong
  • Nirbhay: Fearless
  • Jayesh (victor)
  • Kavin (handsome)
  • Pradyut: Shining, illuminated
  • Pragyan: Wisdom, supreme intelligence
  • Ahi: Water, sun, cloud, fawn
  • Abhra: Cloud
  • Abjit: Conquering water
  • Ansu: Sun, ray of light
  • Bater: Gray quail
  • Baru: Brave
  • Kriya- Lord venkateswara
  • Krit- Artist
  • Nabhij- Lord Brahma
  • Casa: Blue Jay
  • Druhyu: One who loves nature
  • Harit: Green fragrant plant
  • Hirav: Greenery
  • Namah- Bowing in Sanskrit
  • Kaushtubh: Legendary gem
  • Kshiraj: Moon
  • Mrig: Rain or deer
  • Nirvan- Liberated
  • Neer- Crystal clear water
  • Nivam- Deep rooted
  • Parikshit- Son of Abhimanyu
  • Prabal-Powerful
  • Mrinal: Lotus
  • Pujit: Worshipped
  • Gagan: Sky, the heavens
  • Nakin: Dwells in heaven
  • Reyaansh (part of Lord Vishnu)
  • Ranav (king)
  • Pradhyuma- Son of Krishna
  • Pranshu- Tall
  • Prithvik- God Vishnu
  • Sarvin (God of love)
  • Druhyu: One who loves nature
  • Mukul (bud)
  • Nandan (friend)
  • Ahim (cloud)
  • Ahar- Activity
  • Praveka- Activity
  • Punj- A group
  • Rigved- A veda in sanskrit
  • Sarth- Thinking
  • Udvah- Continuous
  • Varnit- Explained
  • Ved- Holy Hindu book
  • Vihank- Bird in sky
  • Sharvil- God Krishna
  • Sakal- Entire

100 Sanskrit baby girl names in India


Sanskrit Baby Girl Names


  • Aamani- Wish
  • Haimantika- Growing in the winter
  • Aalaya- Home and refuge
  • Aamodini -Fragrant
  • Aanadhitha - Happy one
  • Aanamra- Modest
  • Aanandana- Happiness
  • Aanandatha- Happy
  • Baruna -Wife of the Lord of the Sea
  • Saanjali -Hand clasped in prayer
  • Sadaa- Always
  • Geetika- Very tiny melodious song.
  • Ragavinodini- Name of a Raga
  • Rachany -Night
  • Rabani- Divine
  • Raadhi -Achievement Perfection Success
  • Paritushti- Contentment
  • Eravati- Daughter of the ocean
  • Parineetha - Expert
  • Pankajakshi - Lotus eyed
  • Padmasundari -Beautiful like the lotus
  • Paayal -Anklet
  • Nalika- Lotus
  • Naimisha- Transient
  • Maandhari- Honourable
  • Gavya- God of garden
  • Vyapti- Achievement Omnipresence Permeation
  • Vivita- Beautiful
  • Chetaki- A name of a raga; jasmine flower
  • Maalavi Princess- A musical Raaga
  • Lashika -Goddess Lakshmi
  • Madhubala -Sweet girl
  • Maanavika -Young girl
  • Lakshetha -Distinguished
  • Labonya -Brilliant Beautiful
  • Lajvathi -Shy
  • Lajjana- Modesty
  • Lajjaka -Modesty
  • Kaamita -Desired
  • Kaamana -Desire
  • Kaamada- Generous
  • Jaimuni -Name of the sage
  • Bodhi- Enlightened
  • Chitrangada- Arjun’s beautiful wife
  • Naagadhavani- Name of a Raga
  • Haimanthika- Growing in the winter
  • Vishupadi- River ganga
  • Virochana- Brilliant
  • Vipula- Abundant
  • Vipanchika- Lute
  • Vinyasa- Yoga posture
  • Tushita- Happiness
  • Trinetra- Goddess Durga
  • Triguna- Goddess Durga
  • Swara- Goddess Saraswati
  • Sakshi- Witness
  • Sanjana- In Harmony
  • Saroj- Lotus
  • Saraj- Simple
  • Vaijantimala- Lord Vishnu
  • Vaijanti- Flower
  • Brihatjyoti- Agniras
  • Nadatarangini-Raga
  • Nadranjini- Raga
  • Naganandini- Born in mountain
  • Dadhichi- A sage
  • Daksha- Earth
  • Dakshaja- Daughter
  • Dakshayani- Goddess Durga
  • Dakshata- Care
  • Gayakapriya- A Raga
  • Geethanjali- Tagore’s poem collection
  • Geethashree- Bhagvad Geetha
  • Hamsabhrami-  Name of a Raga
  • Hamsadeepika- Name of  a  Raga
  • Hamsadhvani-Raga
  • Hamsanandini- Extreme happiness
  • Hamsini- Who rides swan
  • Hansa- Swan
  • Kaama- Desire
  • Kaamada- Being generous
  • Kaamana- Wish
  • Kaamika- One who is desired
  • Kaamita-Loveable
  • Kaamini- Beautiful
  • Kamma- Loveable
  • Klakaanti- Raga
  • Kalanidhi- Treasure
  • Kalapi- Peacock
  • Kalapini- Night
  • Namanarayani- A Raga
  • Namatha- Cloud
  • Namitha- Humble


Hope you are liking above sanskrit baby names and able to chose few names from here.  Also, check modern baby names for boy and girl to broaden your choice for baby names. Make a list of names which are liked by you and your spouse which you can refer later and finalize the best name for your baby. 


Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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