5 Important House Checks to do Before Your Baby Is Born

As an expecting parent, there's a list of house checks to do before your baby is born.

While you wait for your little one to arrive, there are so many ways in which you might be preparing your house for the baby. Preparations for the baby can be overwhelming and we often tend to miss out some of the most important stuff.

House checks to do before your baby arrives

to alleviate your confusions a little, here is a list of the most crucial house checks to perform few days or weeks before your delivery date.

5 Important House Checks to do Before Your Baby Is Born

1. Safety measures- baby proofing

Ideally, one cannot deny that baby proofing is actually important only after the baby starts crawling. But babies grow at unimaginable speeds. You wink and you would find her crawling. Wink again and she would be holding on to furniture and pulling herself up. Seriously! Babies grow really fast and you would hardly find the time or energy to focus on baby proofing the house after the baby comes. So the right time to start is before delivery. Right from installing baby gates, to covering electric sockets, to fixing drawer and cabinet locks there are lots of safety measures to look into. You could buy them all and keep them ready so you have them in place when you need them.

2. Setting up the nursery

No, we don’t mean color coordinating it and loading it with toys and choosing the theme! Though you could indeed do these early, most parents wait to know the gender of the baby as well as the baby’s likes and dislike to pick a theme for the nursery. But the one thing that has to be done before the baby comes is buying all the required baby furniture, especially a crib or a cradle.

3. Baby closet preparation

Buying baby clothes after knowing the perfect size to suit your baby as well as gender-based clothing would definitely be the best choice. But you cannot welcome your baby with an empty closet. You would be changing your baby’s clothes many times a day and so have an assorted collection of clothes that can be used for the first month or two. You could always add later on, easily, as we now have the convenience of online shopping.

4. Clean the house

Keep cleaning the house looking at each corner from a baby’s perspective. By cleaning, we also mean clearing out the unwanted furniture and items as well as allotting high cabinets for harmful chemicals as well as medicines and other items that you would not want your baby to get a hold of. If you have bugs or roaches, get a pest control check and treatment done for the house well ahead.

5. Stock up on supplies

Supplies that you need for the baby and the mom range from diapers, to nursing pumps, nursing pillow, baby food, breast milk storage jars, food processors to prepare baby foods from the 6th month, baby bottles and sterilizers, among the others. Also, essentials would be quick dry waterproof sheets and other furnishing needs.

Besides doing all the above house checks also prepare the other members of the family, especially siblings and pets to warmly welcome the new member. For essential parenting hacks & insights on your baby’s health & development daily, join the Parentlane Community today.

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