10 Fun Things to do with your partner to make your pregnancy phase joyful

Once you’re pregnant, you are full of joy, hope, and anxiety. People shower you with blessings, advice and that extra attention that makes you feel special.

Since many pregnant women feel less nauseated and more energetic during the second trimester, it becomes the perfect time to check a bunch of stuff off the to-do list to prepare for baby’s arrival. Keeping yourself happy during all the three trimesters is entirely up to you but It is essential to feel joyful while pregnant. It is because your emotional well-being directly affects your baby’s neurological and psychological development. 

10 Fun Things to do with your partner to make your pregnancy phase joyful

Studies have indicated that the happier an expecting mother is, the more likely she is to deliver a healthy baby.

A healthy relationship with your partner/husband is a treasure you can give to your child as he or she will grow up watching you two and the positivity you radiate in your day to day life. Hence, before getting really busy when the baby arrives, look for some ways to spend some quality time with your better half.

1. Babymoon: 

In recent times, the concept of ‘Babymoon,’ a refined form of honeymoon with the addition of a baby in the tummy has garnered a lot of attention. Now put the credit on the shoulder of actor Saif Ali Khan taking a then-pregnant Kareena Kapoor (with the adorable Taimur in her tummy) abroad, or something else, fact is, it feels good to be pampered as a pregnant lady and if your partner plans something like this for you, accept it with open arms. 

Here are some of the best tips for your babymoon: 

Choose a perfect location and time: 

There are certain restrictions on how far into your pregnancy you can fly and also specific months when you feel much better. The second trimester is the best time for the babymoon. Choose a place that’s not too far from your home and where you have an easy access to all kinds of medical facilities.

Safe travel:

With your growing belly, you need to be comfortable at all times and space is something you should never compromise with. Avoid getting on small flights that confine you to a limited space and thus, make your body work too hard to fetch the right amount of oxygen to your system, followed by your baby’s. Traveling by car, in this case, is a better option, as you can stop whenever and wherever you want, for restroom breaks, dealing with nausea, or for stretching, and also have adequate access to the natural air.

Travel insurance: 

You and your better half need to fully comprehend your insurance policy so that you can enjoy a lovely vacation together before your baby arrives, making sure you are well covered. It would be good to look into a travel insurance policy that fits well into the frame of your needs. 

Stay hydrated: 

Drinking water and giving your system enough fluids is mandatory right now. It is very common for the majority of the pregnant women to get dehydrated and that’s why it’s imperative for you to drink water as much as possible. The American Pregnancy Association recommends pregnant women drink eight to 12 glasses of water a day to make sure their amniotic fluid is renewed and breast milk production is perfectly on track.  

2. Searching for baby names: 

Start searching names for your baby. There are millions of names to choose from and tons of resources out there for you to browse through. Especially since in India, baby names are most often decided as per astrology, it’s good to get some insights into it, by talking to your astrologer, with your tentative due date as the approximate day/time of your baby’s arrival.

Grandma’s Tip: I know nowadays there’s a trend of keeping your baby’s name as an amalgamation of your name and your partner’s name. There’s no harm in that if you too do it, but only if the name that comes out of it is a good one! Else, don’t even think about following this trend. You wouldn’t want to embarrass your little one when he or she grows up now, would you?

3. Decorating and Designing the nursery: 

You can start with the basic arrangement or planning of your picture-perfect nursery for your little one starting from now. From decorative items to colorful toys, dim-lights, the basic necessities of the baby’s nursery can be bought now. As your baby grows older, these can always be upgraded or modified. Trial and error totally work here, and this is something you and your partner would have a fun time talking about and doing.

4. Shopping spree: 

Pregnancy comes with its perks, one of which is, shopping. Shopping for you, your changing body size is a good excuse for your new outfits. Your husband/partner can be your shopping partner. You can buy maternity wear and also something more to have fun. It can be shoes, clutches, jewelry or designer wears to pamper yourself. You can extend your shopping spree by buying one or two items a month. Take some time off from your daily routine, plan some shopping with your mom, mother-in-law or friends too. 

5. Photo memories: 

Cover your entire pregnancy journey in a photo scrapbook. From the time you found out you have conceived till the very end, put all moments, thoughts, in the scrapbook. Once your baby arrives and grows into a beautiful adult, imagine how elated he or she would be to see the kind of love and dedication you have always harbored for him or her.

Include some special messages too that you have for your baby bump right now. They don’t need to be meaningful all the time and can be gibberish too! Write about your cravings, your feelings, make it your own little journal.

6. Asking your partner to read to your bump: 

Your beau would love to read to your baby bump or sometimes, just simply talk to it! He would have a smile on his face as he animatedly talks to the little one in the tummy and introduces himself to the baby as his or her father. Sometimes, your baby would coincidentally acknowledge his words by giving a kick in return. It would be a very cherishing moment for the daddy-to-be. Frame it! 

7. Make space for new things for the baby: 

You need to make room for the newest addition to your family. You can start planning for it by selling or donating your old stuff, to make some space. Get rid of everything that you don’t need anymore and begin organizing things into piles, where you have sections of, stuff you want to donate, stuff you want to sell, and stuff you want to throw into the trash. You can get your hands on some extra cash and extra space by this. It’s a win-win!

8. Make sure your partner gets a ‘Dadchelor’ party:

Your friends/relatives/family may be planning a baby shower for you, commonly known as Godh Bharai in India, but what about the daddy-to-be? This is where the dadchelor party comes in. Give some of his close buddies some not-so-subtle hints that they should throw him a bash that marks the celebration of his impending fatherhood. It can be in a backyard, a friend’s house or a club.

Let them plan and do whatever they want, be it a barbecue party or the screening of a football match on the projector. No women allowed.

9. Come home once in a while with a gift for the baby: 

Tiny socks. Tiny onesies. Tiny bows. Tiny everything. Your partner can bring you some of the coolest or yummiest stuff home. It’s hard to go wrong with a box of velvety, chocolate truffles. You would be surprised to know, studies show that eating chocolate during pregnancy may benefit fetal growth, so this one is a win-win situation. Both of you partners can gift each other once in a while to make this whole experience more special. 

10. Savor the moment:

We know this list, like so many things related to pregnancy, may seem overwhelming. Take your time. Include your partner. Ask ͞been there, done that͟’ moms for advice. And then build in time for relaxing! This is a special time in your life and we give you complete authorization to enjoy it with your partner. Rest and relaxation, go full force. This is the best time to binge watch all your TV shows and movies with your partner. Cuddle and kiss, let the feeling of the impending parenthood sink in slowly. Savor these moments! 


Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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