Cold feet before delivery: Tips to deal with physical & psychological changes in pregnancy

Physical and emotional changes in pregnancy can be tricky to handle at times. Especially in the third trimester, these fluctuations become quite uncomfortable. This week, the little one in the tummy is the size of a cabbage.

With so many things happening at once and the due date nearing, it is normal to have cold feet and feel a little stressed about the impending motherhood.

Cold feet before delivery: Tips to deal with physical & psychological changes in pregnancy

Not to worry, with these tips you will surely find a way out to let go of your inhibitions.

Tips to handle stress in the third trimester  

1. Accept your body  

The moment new mothers see their tummy growing, they think a lot about shedding it as soon as possible. Don’t take stress for this as you should always go slow during and after pregnancy about losing weight. Just think about your baby’s and your wellbeing for now. You would have ample time to get into a proper weight loss regimen once you settle into your new role as a mother, after delivery.

2. Maternity leave  

Most women are working in this era; if you are one of them, plan your maternity leaves much in advance and keep everyone informed so that there will be a hassle-free handling of duties in your absence. This helps you handle a big portion of tough challenges during pregnancy, which is your professional life.  

Assign your work and duties to someone else in the office till the time you are on maternity leave. Finish off all your important paperwork before you take maternity leave. If you are physically fit during your pregnancy then there is no harm in going to the office till the last week of your due date. Planning in advance rids you from the stress related to work. 

3. Divide your duties  

As a new mother, your body needs full rest to recover from all the labor done during the delivery process. So, it is a good idea to either hire a caregiver or if your family members can help you out then divide your duties among yourselves. You can also divide diaper changing duties between caregiver, your husband and you. This will make your work easy and you will also get enough time to take rest. Post delivery, these are the issues that often bug new parents and the thought of it bugs you in this trimester, so it is better to plan well before your due date to avoid last minute problems.

4. Prepare for the newborn  

As your due date approaches, you get anxious day by day about your baby and all other things attached to parenthood. Take some time out and relax by doing breathing exercises. Prepare your bag that you might require at the time of delivery with all baby essentials. Also, start preparing your baby’s room by keeping toys, soothing music, some dim lights, lamps and your baby’s beautiful and cozy cot.    

5. Visit your doctor regularly  

You need to visit your doctor often in the third trimester as there are many things to be checked to see if all is fine with you and your baby. Your hormones change rapidly during this time and there will be many changes in your body, which will be monitored by your doctor.    

6. Do not think much about the delivery  

At this stage, you might keep on thinking about the labor pain, C-section or a normal delivery. You might get too many suggestions on the same, but try to divert your mind to something else. Thinking too much about delivery will take your peace away and make you stressed.  So, it is a good idea to indulge yourself in good things, which keep you busy and happy at the same time.    

7. Go out and spend time with your friends  

You need to enjoy these moments before you get busy with your baby after the delivery. Meet your old friends, go shopping or eat out with them to keep yourself happy. This will also help in keeping you off the anxiety radar. Talk to your friends about your fears regarding parenthood. They will give you advice based on their own experience and this will help you be calm.  

Grandma’s Tip: While there is no harm in stepping out at this stage, it is wiser to call your friends home and spend time with them in case you live in a city that has too much traffic and pollution. In those cases, stepping out often is not a good thing.

8. Do yoga regularly  

Yoga will not only keep you fit but also keep your anxiety and stress at bay. Meditation will also help in keeping your breathing pattern easy and in sync with your brain by increasing the oxygen level and keeping your body fit. It will keep you active in the third trimester and your baby will be healthy too.  

Yoga would also significantly help you stay away from weight gain and other health issues during pregnancy. Just keep your doctor informed before starting certain yoga asanas so that there are no complications now or later.  




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