Keeping your pregnancy a secret till the first trimester alarm turns off

In India, it is believed one mustn't reveal their pregnancy until you pass the 12th-week milestone as it is generally accepted as a safe period to share your happy news. Waiting till the end of the first trimester is quite common. It is because this period is normally the highest risk period for any pregnancy complications.

Obviously, there are lots of other reasons for keeping your pregnancy under wraps. This could be due to some traditional reasons, especially in India. For instance, believing in casting evil eyes, the theory that most miscarriages happen in the first trimester, fear of people’s reactions. This includes the possibility that after sharing the happy news of pregnancy; God forbid if something bad happens, you would have to share the sad news as well! Or a simple reason could be that you’re just not feeling ready yet to share the news with the world; which is why the 12-weeks milestone is seen as the ‘magic number’ to finally disclose the news.

Keeping your pregnancy a secret till the first trimester alarm turns off

Keeping your pregnancy a secret in the first trimester can be tricky. Here is how you can wrap your pregnancy signs and symptoms until the time is right to share the news. 

Reveal your secret to one trusted person 

Apart from your partner, choose one trusted person as your confidante and confide in that person. This will give you the satisfaction of having someone to talk to, about what you are going through. This confidante, who is a good friend may also be helping you disguise your secret when you are among other friends. 

How to hide your morning sickness 

If your morning sickness actually troubles you in the mornings alone and eases by the afternoon, then reschedule your work accordingly. Do not panic about people finding out as you rush to the washroom when the urge engulfs you. Just say you have a stomach infection. 


Most of the first-time moms may not start showing the growing bump till the first trimester concludes. However, if you find your clothes starting to get tight around your tummy, you can wrap your bulging tummy by choosing to wear comfortable, loose cardigans and big colourful scarves, skirts or stretchy pants with a blazer, flowy tops, a jacket, sweater, cute kimono, or opt for some loose fitting garments as these make it easier to hide the bump and also make you comfortable and cute. 

Grandma’s Tip: Choosing black colors will make you look little leaner and hide the baby bump very well. What? You thought this style-tip was known only to you young women? No, my dear. This is a very old and useful tip that works wonders from our times!

White lies 

In the initial weeks, you have to be saying some white lies to conceal your pregnancy. Keep the white lies light. Otherwise it will only cause more attention. Some pregnant women lose weight because of morning sickness and are unable to have a proper diet, if you are one of them and when people ask you about it, try saying something on the lines that since you are busy with your work, you are not able to concentrate on your diet. If you have gained weight, then say the reason is you are eating too much of cakes and sweets. 

Concealing your tiredness 

It’s quite common for pregnant women to feel more tired than usual due to the increased progesterone production. If you are worried that your colleagues are noticing your tiredness, just take some deep breaths to take in more oxygen, you will feel better. Keeping a good level of liquids in your body as this will help you with the nausea. Try sipping some energetic drink throughout the day. 

Blowing off your engagements 

If you are having morning sickness or feeling fully drained out, joining your friend for your daily morning jog or walk may not be possible. You have to tell your friend that you are not well. There is no need to elaborate with complicated lies. 

At your workplace 

This is the place you have to be extra cautious. Stock your cabinet at work with ginger tea sachets, healthy crackers, and all the necessary items that will ease your uneasiness or nausea. 

Master the art of changing topics 

Some experienced women at your workplace can find the changes in you and might ask you about your pregnancy. Do not feel the pressure to tell the truth just because you are questioned. Deal with it tactfully. Divert their attention by sharing something more important that you forgot to tell them. The person will get the message that you do not want to talk about it. 

Covering up the appointments 

You have to manage your doctor appointments wisely. People might question you about your visits to the doctor frequently. Just try to brush off the question. If they constantly ask whether you are doing fine, be honest and say yes and that you are in the pink of health. However, add that some petty issues are making you visit the doctor. 

Keeping pregnancy a secret till the first trimester alarm turns off is an aspect of human psychology and it is absolutely all right to not reveal the happy news till you believe you have reached the safe period. 

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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