How big is your baby going to be?

How big is your baby going to be?

Are you kidding? WEEK 40!?

Whoa! Woman, you deserve some accolades for coming SO FAR along! It's not easy, but hey! That's why we are SUPER WOMEN, aren't we?

Week 40 marks the end of the pregnancy term and your baby will be in your arms anytime soon. Her vernix has already shed off and as a result, your baby will be born with a few dry spots. Your placenta is still working on providing antibodies to your baby and this helps in boosting her immune system till the time your baby is in your womb. Newborn babies carry blurred vision for a few weeks and focus only on an inch away things. But the little one will recognize your voice for sure as you have talked to her throughout your pregnancy cycle. Your baby will stay in a curling position for a few weeks as your baby was in the same position for 9 months when your baby was in your womb. Your baby must have gained 3-4 kgs by now and is fully developed. It is also totally normal if your baby is born past 40 weeks as some babies take time to come out of the womb.

The skull of your baby still has loose joints as the body is preparing the baby to pass through the birth canal easily. The bones will join together when your baby will be 1-2 years old. As for you as a mother, there will be some problem in sleeping due to a heavy body and big tummy if your baby isn't out of your tummy already. Your ankles will be swollen and there will be a lot of effort in walking as all the weight of the body will come down to your feet.

Do some feet exercises at this point of time to get rid of swelling and water retention in your ankles. Your baby will feel cramped inside your womb at this stage as there is very less space to even stretch now, so will make all the attempts to come out of your womb to be in your arms. Your doctor will check you at this stage and if everything is alright with the baby, then she will go for normal delivery wherein she will wait for you to go into labor.




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