How is your baby growing now

Your baby has grown up to the size of a large banana by week 21 of your pregnancy. The little one has got harder punches and kicks for you are in store as your baby is gaining strength and weight now. There will not be enough space for your baby to move inside you but can still twist and turn. Now your baby will also get a few hours sleep and wake up at a certain time. The baby in the womb sleeps as much as a newborn baby. Your baby’s taste buds have fully developed by now and is tasting your amniotic fluid while being in your womb. Your baby will have more control over the limbs and will move them in coordination with the brain. Your baby's body has got a proper bone structure and neurons are connected between the brain.

The skin of your baby has turned from pink to red as capillaries have formed and the eyebrows are getting more thicker and darker. Your baby can rapidly move eyes and also open and close eyelids. Your baby is practicing martial arts inside you as the kicks and punches will be faster and harder by this time. Your placenta will continue to grow and give your baby the required nutrients and nourishment. The brain of the baby grows rapidly at this stage in the germinal matrix that is a structure deep in the middle of your baby’s brain. This serves as a factory for the brain cells of your baby and disappears once your baby is born. The baby’s brain continues to develop even after birth and goes on to grow until five years of age.




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