How your baby is growing now

This week will bring a layer of fat called myelin on your baby’s spinal cord to increase the metabolism and also help in passing the messages clearly to the brain of your baby. The little one is developing at a faster rate. Your baby will get a layer of fat under the skin that will keep warm and safe inside your womb. The soft cartilage will grow into hard bones giving your baby a firm shape. The head and neck of your baby will be seen prominently now during an ultrasound as the curvy body of your baby will straighten up now.

The fingertips and toes will get imprints with complete creases and swirls and your baby’s heart will be regulated by the brain. The umbilical cord will grow stronger and thicker now and give immunity and nutrients to your baby for safe development inside the womb. In your this week’s ultrasound, you will be able to identify almost all the body parts of your baby as your baby has fully developed all the organs and they are clearly visible now.




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