How your baby is prepared to greet the world outside now!

How your baby is prepared to greet the world outside now!

You are already into your week 39 and your baby is called full-term now as all the organs are fully developed and are functional. Your baby’s meconium has already formed and once is out in your arms your baby will expel that meconium in the form of first poop that will be sticky and black in color. After a few days of breastfeeding, the color of your baby’s poop will change and get back to normal yellowish in color. Your baby has developed a healthy layer of fat and is gaining that fat to maintain the temperature of the body once he will face the outside world. The skin tone of your baby will change from pink to white because the thick layer of fat will deposit all over the blood vessels and this will make your baby cuter than before so you probably feel like pinching and kissing the cheeks softly.

The vernix will disappear from your baby’s body now and by the time your baby will be in your arms, most of it will be gone from the body of your baby. Your baby’s skull joints are still loose as your baby is prepared to move through the birth canal easily at the time of delivery. These joints will join together once your baby will be of 18 months to 2 years of age. If you feel the middle part of your baby’s skull gently then you will find an empty space over there and you need to be very careful while handling your baby’s head for a few months till your baby starts balancing it.




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