How your baby's growing at this point

During this phase, your baby's hands and feet are emerging gradually. Your baby has a small tail like thing, which is considered to be an extension of tail bone and will disappear in a few weeks. Since last week your baby has almost doubled in size and measures around half an inch. Inside your womb, tiny eyelids are being formed partially covering the peepers having the same color as the tip of her nose, tiny veins beneath the thin layer of skin.

The brain of your baby is growing fast and extensively and also the liver is churning out red blood cells and there the bone marrow is also being formed. The intestine is growing and protruding into the umbilical cord creating distinct blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients from you to the little soul. The vital organs are developing quickly and most developed is the brain and face.

Internally, your baby is growing every minute and the seventh week is known to be extremely important as at this point of time, your baby starts developing from an egg to a human being. Your world is changing both inside and out, and even you are undergoing a lot of changes like you will want to pee sooner, your mornings will not be too great thanks to morning sickness. You also might not feel too great always and by now you are also gearing up for your first prenatal visit accompanied with a lot of blood tests and urine tests.

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