How your baby's growing at this stage

At week 22, your baby is of the size of a coconut. The baby will look like a newborn, but a miniature version.

Your baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy can now crinkle eyebrows! The hair are pure white as they don't contain any pigment yet. The pigmentation will not be complete even at birth. Your baby's permanent eye colour will be known only when your baby is nine months. Eyelids have developed too, although they will stay fused shut until about 28 weeks. The tear ducts will start to develop this week.

Your baby's arms and legs are proportional though not their final size. The little one is flexing and is able to clasp the hands. Fingertips are now covered with tiny fingernails and they will keep growing. You may need to trim your baby's nails right after birth so that baby does not scratch. Your baby’s gums are developing tooth buds, getting ready for their first teeth to come through a few months after birth.

The other organs continue to grow especially the lungs, which will continue in the coming weeks and by week 24, they could be developed enough to breathe actual air rather than fluid. Your baby will now have sleeping cycles. Your baby will sleep 12 to 14 hours a day, which will be the time you won't feel any kicks. The baby's hearing is improving too. Also will be able to hear your heartbeat, your voice, and even the noises of your blood circulation and your rumbling tummy!

If your baby is a girl, her mammary glands, which are responsible for making breastmilk, will start to develop. If you are having a boy, his testes are now starting to come down from his pelvis into his scrotum. At week 22, your baby is improving her touching skills. Your baby will learn to feel around your womb and would want to lay hands on everything.

As your pregnancy progresses, continue drinking lot of water and don’t forget your prenatal vitamins.




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