How your baby's growing now

The 16th week is a week filled with activity! Your baby has a growth spurt. The weight will be more than double. This differs from one baby to another. The placenta also grows as the baby grows to support the baby and nourish. This is the time you will feel the kicks. There is no need to panic if you don’t. There will be enough opportunities in the coming weeks!How your baby's growing now

The legs of your little one are more developed this week. The muscles get strengthened and the head and neck are straighter now. The baby will also be able to grasp and hold hands or play with the umbilical cord. The scalp starts to form in the head and hairline begins to appear. Facial muscles are also getting strong as your baby tries to make facial expressions and squint.

The toenails start to develop. The little one's heart now pumps around 25 quarts of blood. This will gradually increase as the baby grows. At the time the baby is born, it increases to almost 12 times. Babies make thumb-sucking motion at week 16.

The little eyes are much more developed now and able to perceive light. They also move from side to side though eyelids are shut. Baby reacts to light and also starts to yawn. Fat layers are not yet added so baby is skinny and blood vessels will be visible. The tiny bones in the ear develop at week 16. Your baby will be able to hear from you now when you sing or speak.

The limbs and joints are now fully formed. Baby develops reflexes as the nervous system makes connections to the muscles. If the baby is a girl, the eggs are formed in the ovary in this week. If it’s a boy, genitals are now fully formed.

Your baby will get ready to taste as the taste buds start forming this week. If you are carrying twins, apart from all these symptoms discussed above, fingernails and fingertips are formed.




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