Your baby's development has already started

The teeny weeny embryo inside you has already started developing into something that would eventually become your fully human baby! If you've got your pregnancy confirmed, there's no looking back from here on. Well, the embryonic period begins from this week. Right now your baby is the size of a poppy seed and is known as blastocyst. The minuscule ball of cells splits into the embryo – your baby and the placenta.

At this point, the primitive placenta is made up of two layers, its cells will form a lining in your uterus and create space for your blood to flow and provide nutrients and oxygen to your growing baby.

The amniotic sac, which is also present will house your baby. The amniotic fluid will cushion your baby as baby develops while the yolk sac will produce your baby’s red blood cells and supply nutrients until the placenta is well developed and takes over this charge.

All your baby’s organs will begin to develop from this week until all the weeks to come. The little one begins to comfort into new home (your uterus) prepping up for all the major developments in the coming weeks.

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