Pregnancy Hacks: 10 interesting secrets for an easier labor and delivery

An easy labor and delivery is every woman's wish. Do you feel your heart skip a beat whenever you think about going into labor? Or you are in all possibilities, relaxed about it? Either way, every expecting mom wishes for a hassle-free labor. Your baby currently is similar to the size of a pineapple. With only a few weeks remaining to have the little one in your arms, you must definitely know some tips and tricks for an easy labor and delivery.

Secrets to an easy labor and delivery

Here are some secrets of easing off labor pain during delivery, which you can start implementing in your lifestyle from now itself: 

1. Stay active 

Stay active and indulge in activities during your pregnancy, so that you can have an easy labor during the delivery time. Walk a lot during your labor as lying down will make you feel more pain during labor. During labor pain, you also feel the urge to go to the loo. So, this in a way keeps you active during the labor. Ask your doctor if squatting can be of any help to you. If yes, then go for it as this makes the delivery of your baby easy. 

2. Massage 

Take help of a caregiver, midwife or your partner to give you back massage every now and then. This is because it’s your back that’s hurt the most during delivery. Placing pressure on those parts that are in pain releases the pain and gives you some comfort. It is reported that women who were being given massage during labor pain felt less pain and anxiety than those who didn’t get any massage at that time. 

3. Prepare yourself mentally 

It is good to gather information about normal delivery, C-section, and labor pain, as you’re going to deal with it soon. Do not keep any doubts in your mind. Also, do not have any fear, stress or anxiety regarding delivery or labor pain. Take childbirth classes where you will be given information on the stages of childbirth and methods to breathe easily during labor. 

4. Get in the water 

You must have heard a lot about water deliveries and they are popular because they are safe. They are also said to give comfort to the mother during childbirth. When you get into the water your muscles automatically relax and you feel less pain. Take shower or get into a water tub at the time of active labor as this will make you feel less pain for some time. 

5. Drink raspberry tea 

Raspberry leaf tea helps in preparing the womb for labor and you need to drink this tea four times in a day after 36 weeks of your pregnancy. This leads to shorter labors and also lessens down the labor pain up to some extent which helps in the easy delivery of your baby. 

6. Breathe in the right manner 

During labor pain, breathe in a slow and rhythmic way as this helps in calming down your anxiety and keeps stress off your mind. Right breathing also helps your muscles loosen up, allowing your cervix to dilate. The trick is that the more relaxed your muscles are, the easier your delivery would be. So, stay away from stress, anger, and frowning during your active labor. 

7. Take a nap 

When your contractions fully stop at the time of dilation, do not try to rush into things. Simply close your eyes and doze off for some time. This will save your energy and stamina before the final stage of labor and you will not feel strained or less energetic when it is required the most. 

8. Set your pace 

Labor takes its own time for women and it is never the same for every woman. It is not a quick and easy process, so when you are in labor, brace yourself up for bearing the contractions and pain. Also, save your energy for the final push and stage. Some feel comfortable by walking during the labor pain, some kneel down on the bed with head in the pillows and some just take a shower to let the pain go. Every woman experiences a different story when it comes to labor pain and childbirth. 

9. Climb the stairs 

Yes, climbing the stairs during labor helps in moving your baby through the pelvis. With every contraction, start climbing the stairs and then come down. Make sure you are not exhausting yourself till the final stage as that requires all your strength and stamina. So, do it a number of times and take rest in between for a longer duration. 

10. Push when you are ready 

Many people around you during childbirth will encourage you to push, but you need to push when you feel ready for it. Do it only if you feel the sensations and an overwhelming urge to push. This will save a lot of your energy and you will not get exhausted during the process. There should not be any forceful pushing or pushing time during your active labor. 

Grandma’s Tip: Trying different positions during labor pain helps in giving you much-needed comfort and relief from the pain. You might feel comfortable in a standing position or while you keep walking, you might feel better when you kneel down or recline on the back and many more such positions. Also, snack wisely. Have a snack when you go into the first stage of the labor and once you are in the hospital, you won’t be able to eat much. Snack on something like pasta, dhokla, dry toast, carbohydrates that will keep your energy and sugar level in check and you will not feel low on energy during the labor. 

The most important thing here is, keep calm and don’t fret by thinking too much! Keep your thinking easy going and by God’s grace, your labor would be easy too!




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