The supplements and foods you must have at this point

As you near the third trimester, you will start feeling heavy and might not have an appetite for food. Though it might be overwhelming, you have to eat for the sake of your baby. Your diet should include folic acid, iron, calcium, and fiber. Along with this, you have to take your prenatal vitamins without fail.The supplements and foods you must have at this point

Folic Acid

This is one of the most vital nutrients to be included in a pregnant woman’s diet. It should be taken regularly during the course of the entire pregnancy. You should continue folic acid even during the third trimester of pregnancy. Natural sources of folic acid are green vegetables, bread, yeast, beans, and citrus fruits. Including one or more of these items daily in your diet, ensure a good intake of folic acid. Remember that folate can be lost easily if the cooking process is lengthy. Hence try to eat some items like green vegetables after boiling them.


Calcium is essential for bone and teeth development. The calcium needs for a woman double during pregnancy and they keep increasing as the baby develops. So, by the time you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy, the need for calcium will be even bigger. Milk and dairy products, almonds, figs, and calcium supplements should be included in your diet to meet the requirement for calcium. On average, 1000mg - 1300mg of calcium should be the consumption of calcium for a pregnant woman per day.


Foods rich in iron should form a part of your diet right from the start of your pregnancy. In the last trimester of pregnancy, it becomes very important as your body increases the supply of blood to the placenta. It is important to know the problems that iron deficiency in the body can lead to. It can cause anemia.

Make sure to include iron-rich food such as dates, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, potatoes, raisins and whole grain bread in your diet. If you have an iron deficiency, consult your doctor. He will prescribe iron supplements to you.


Constipation is another crippling problem that is faced by many pregnant women in the third trimester. Make sure you include fiber-rich foods, such as bananas, beans, brown rice, nuts, pulses and peas in your diet.




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