Why a healthy diet is the biggest priority for you now

At this stage of your pregnancy, what you eat is crucial, since you are the source of essential nutrients for your growing baby. Now is not the time to diet. Diets can harm your baby by depriving them of certain foods. However, it is vital to managing your weight by eating well and keeping active.

Firstly, the whole ‘eating for two’ concept is a myth. During pregnancy, you do not need to consume any extra calories for your baby, until the final trimester. At that point, you only need an extra 200 calories. Make sure your diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid high-mercury fish, undercooked or raw fish, undercooked, raw and processed meat, unpasteurized milk, soft cheeses, raw eggs, papaya, pineapple, caffeine, alcohol, raw sprouts, and unwashed produce.

Why a healthy diet is the biggest priority for you now

Don't skip breakfast. Expecting mothers who eat breakfast are better able to manage their weight. Opt for sugar-free wholegrain cereals. During pregnancy, breakfast can also help reduce morning sickness by raising your blood sugar levels and is likely to prevent you from overeating during the day. If you are too nauseous, try nibbling some dry toast. Your body needs extra fluids to keep up with the demands of pregnancy. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid sugary drinks like cola or shop-bought juices with added sugar. Opt for homemade fruit juices instead.

Try eating smaller meals throughout the day. This can prevent nausea, help with indigestion and heartburn, and make you feel more comfortable as your baby grows bigger. Go for slow release foods, which are foods that release their energy slowly, rather than giving you an energy spike, which ends with a crash– for example, sugary foods like cakes or biscuits. Instead, you can try multigrain bread, baked potatoes, or wholemeal pasta.



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