How your baby's growing

How your baby's growing

At 35 weeks, your baby has fully developed organs and body with constant weight gain. Your skinny baby will also gain fat and legs and hands will be super soft and plump now. Your baby’s brain power is developing rapidly now and skull will remain soft as it will allow the baby to squeeze through the birth canal easily at the time of delivery.

Your baby will do a lot of sucking practice inside you as after birth, Yuor baby will be ready to latch on to your breast for feeding on breastmilk. Braxton Hicks will be more common now and you feel them often as you are nearing the end of your pregnancy cycle. These are the contractions that are a sign that your body is preparing for the birth of your baby. Your baby bump will become hard and suddenly it will become soft and this lasts for a minute only.

Your baby will continue to gain half a pound every week till the time your baby is born and will move down into the pelvis area that will give you a light effect and this will ease off the feeling of breathlessness in you that you felt before because your baby was covering your lungs as well. The baby will develop a good amount of fat that will keep her warm after born and also help in maintaining body temperature.




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