A boy or a girl: Your baby's gender is already set!

Chromosomes play a crucial role in determining the sex of an individual. The two gametes, sperm and ovum, fuse together to form a new cell called the zygote. A gamete contains only 23 chromosomes. Out of this one pair is sex chromosomes, which are denoted by X and Y. A male cell contains XY chromosome while a female cell contains XX sex chromosome.A boy or a girl: Your baby's gender is already set!

The sex of your child depends on the type of sperm which fuses with the ovum. If the sperm with X chromosome fertilizes the ovum of X chromosome, the resultant zygote will have XX chromosomes. The child will be a girl. If the sperm with Y chromosome fertilizes with the ovum of X chromosome, the resultant zygote will have XY chromosome. The child will be a boy. The zygote forms the embryo and develops into a complete fetus. It takes 9 months for your baby to arrive.

Twins also happen as a result of a single pregnancy. Twins can be monozygotic or dizygotic. Monozygotic twins, also called identical twins result from a single zygote while dizygotic twins, also called fraternal twins result from two zygotes. Identical twins are alike in genetic characteristics including sex and are very similar in appearance. In case of fraternal twins, since each are developing from a separate fertilized ova, are genetically distinct, not necessarily of the same sex or similar in appearance.

Whether you will have a baby boy or baby girl is set the moment conception occurs. You are curious to know the same. However, it will take another 10-12 weeks before an ultrasound can detect. Meanwhile, take care of your health and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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