Acne, backache, risk of varicose veins: Symptoms you're likely to witness now

At this stage, your appetite will increase and you can eat up food easily without much nausea and feeling of vomiting. But, gas and bloating will give you a hard time during this week and for that you need to keep a tab on your eating pattern. Go for shorter meals, drink lots of water and also eat fiber rich food to keep your tummy healthy and happy. As your center of gravity has shifted now with your growing baby so this is putting extra strain on your back. Your ligaments will stretch and loosen up a bit and this leads to backache. You will experience bleeding gums at this stage as your gums will become more sensitive now. Visit your dentist on regular basis to take care of this problem.

Your hair and nails will grow at a much faster rate and your hair will be thick and shiny than before. At this stage, due to expansion in your uterus you will develop varicose veins. Elevate your legs while you lie down or sit on the bed in an upright position as this will give relief from the cramps in the legs. You might develop urinary tract infections during this stage and this leads to burning sensation during urination or pain while you urinate. Your doctor will give an antibiotic to treat this problem and do not take any medicine for this on your own. Some mothers do experience acne on the skin and their skin turns very oily. Wash your face twice or thrice in a day to get rid of this situation. Drink more and more water to keep yourself hydrated and this will also regulate your bowel movements.



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