Are you gaining the right amount of weight in this last trimester?

The most common advice you would be getting during pregnancy is that you have to eat for two! While that may be true, you should remember that you should not put on too much weight in the process! Gaining lot of weight during pregnancy may lead to complicated labor.

-Your baby gains the most weight and also grows more than six inches in the last trimester.

-Apart from baby weight, you will also gain weight from fluids, amniotic fluids and fats. Hence doctors recommend not to gain too much weight in the first two trimesters.

-Avoid unhealthy food and focus on being active. This will ensure that you do not gain much weight.

-The total amount of weight gained by you depends on your weight before pregnancy.

-Too much weight can lead to preterm labor, gestational diabetes, blood pressure and heavy birth weight.

-Pregnancy weight can also put pressure on legs and ankles.

-In the last trimester, you should gain one or two pounds per week.

-Talk to your doctor about weight gain. Do not worry too much if you are little above or below the recommended weight.

-Find a good nutritionist and chalk out a healthy diet plan, which is good for your baby as well.

-Make sure you have a well-rounded diet during your pregnancy. It is very important. Eating healthy food will allow you to gain the recommended weight. You should also think of the nutrition that is crucial for the baby.

-Putting on unnecessary weight is easy if you eat junk food and foods which are high on sugar and fat. Try to limit such food.

-Attaining calories is essential in pregnancy. Grains, proteins, dairy, vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and oils are a good source of calories.

-Watch what you eat and check the sources of your food and also its side affects. Remember that everything you consume gets passed on to your child.




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