Are you one of the blessed women who have a blast in the 15th week of pregnancy?

You are now in the most comfortable stage of pregnancy. At around week 14 or 15, you will start to feel very healthy and energetic. The morning sickness symptoms are subsiding as hormone levels are steadily increasing now while the hCG level is decreasing, which is boosting your mood. The threat of miscarriage is low now, the belly is growing but not so big to make you uncomfortable, and the most exciting part, you will begin to feel your baby’s movements. Most women say that they feel more blessed for their pregnancy in their second trimester. Are you one of them? Don't worry, these positive changes will make the second trimester the most enjoyable of all:

Utilize the high energy levels in various ways like:

-Include exercise like walking and swimming in your schedule. Avoid extreme sports and keep yourself hydrated.

-Include yoga, which will help in stretching muscles, decrease blood pressure, and reduce pelvic pains in your lower back.

-Plan a getaway. This trimester is the best time to travel. Seek your doctor’s advise for the same.

-Spend more time with your spouse. Going for walks together, talking about parenting basics, etc.

-Shop for maternity clothes that are comfortable.

-Savor and enjoy this trimester. Rest and relax well. Listening to soothing music, going out with spouse, friends to watch movies, reading childbirth and parenting related books, writing to your baby, talking to your baby are some of the best ways to make the most of the second trimester.



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