Are you ready or not ready for maternity wear yet?

When you are pregnant, then during your first trimester you don’t even feel that you are in reality. But as the time passes by, you will notice many changes in your body that will show that you are pregnant for sure. During week 10, your baby bump will start to appear and this will insist you to buy maternity clothes. You will not fit in the button down shirts or in your old jeans. So, this is the right time for you to buy new clothes for yourself. Do not go crazy over buying everything and anything that comes your way. Go slow and buy as per your body’s requirement and your increasing size.

Make sure your buy loose size clothes and of breathable material that will make you feel comfortable. Not all women grow at same size and at same pace as for some the breasts go bigger first and for some, the tummy grows first. Buy maxi dresses that are very comfortable during pregnancy and easy to carry anywhere.

Buy few t-shirts that can stretch easily and are not tight on your body. For bottom wear, you can try maternity jeans or leggings that are super comfortable. Buy good quality underwear and invest in nursing bras that will help you in the long run even after your baby arrives. Look for the material of your clothes that can stretch well and there is less amount of sheer in it when it stretches to its maximum limit. Go for trendy maternity wear that will make you look good and feel good at the same time. Maternity also gives you an advantage to wear oversized clothes with ease, so you can try your spouse's blazer once in a while for that amazing style.

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