Are you really LATE for your delivery?

Generally from week 39 to week 42 you will be considered as full term pregnant and do not panic if your due date is over and the baby is not showing any signs of arrival. This is normal and generally there is a difference of a week when your due date is calculated. Some babies arrive a week in advance from the due date and some a week later from the due date. Just keep some patience and also be in contact with your doctor on a regular basis. Your doctor will first check the amount of amniotic fluid at this stage so that your baby can fight off infections in the womb. Also, the doctor will check the passing of meconium in the womb that will prove dangerous for the baby as there are chances of her ingesting that and it might also get into her lungs.

If the doctor will see any complication then she will induce labor and if there are any further complications then she will go for a C-Section. Just be ready mentally to go through any delivery as decided by your doctor to meet your baby at the end of this process. There are certain methods that can induce labor like making out with your partner, stimulating your nipples, drinking castor oil, and much more, but medically your doctor will induce labor by giving you certain medicines that will start the process of labor. Once the water breaks, the labor should be started immediately as the baby is at a risk of infections in the absence of amniotic fluid inside the womb.




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