Baby shower (Godh Bharai) preparation: Everything you should know

A baby shower or Godh Bharai, is an occasion where the mom-to-be is showered with lots of love and is pampered. It’s called by different names in different places like Valaikaapu in Tamil Nadu, Godh Bharai in northern parts of India and Shaad in Bengal.

It’s usually done when the mom-to-be completes 7 months of pregnancy and enters into the eighth month. It is celebrated in both Indian and western culture.

In the Indian culture, the mom-to-be is made to sit on the chair and the elderly women of the family apply special oil to her hair. She is dressed up in a new saree and adorned with flowers and bangles. Gifts are given to the would be mother as she receives blessings from relatives for her baby.

In the western culture, friends of the mom-to-be host the party for her. Games are played and foods and beverages are served to all. Of late, a mix of the Indian and western culture is seen during the baby shower ceremonies in India, wherein some traditions are followed as per the Indian culture while some traits of the modern baby showers are also evident in the function.

Here are some tips to make your baby shower enjoyable:

Rest comes first The mom-to-be should rest well for the fun-filled hectic day. If it’s a surprise for her then her partner should be informed first about the surprise baby shower so that he can make sure she rests well before the hectic event.

Choice of place Choose a nice location where the mom-to-be will thoroughly enjoy like the poolside or a restaurant. In a nutshell, there should be a lot of free space and the mom-to-be must not feel suffocated under any circumstance.

Comfortable attire Make sure the dress you wear for the baby shower is comfortable. If it’s a traditional occasion, saree is a good choice. For an informal occasion, a gown or flowy maxi dress is a perfect choice.

Decoration Make the occasion memorable for the expecting mother by decorating to her taste. You could probably put a couple of her baby pics and maybe some of her toys. Include personal messages from the guests to make it all the more special.

Food A menu with healthy dishes and juice is ideal for a baby shower. You could also arrange for a potluck where each person prepares and brings a dish of the mom-to-be's choice.

Games Make the party entertaining by organizing games. You could probably play the gender guessing game or take suggestions for names of the baby from the guests.

Gifts It is a known fact that the mom-to-be is going to be showered with gifts. Make sure the guests do not return empty handed. Give them a token of thanks like a scented candle or any other gift that's memorable.

The main aim of a baby shower is to seek blessings for the baby and the mother alike. Throughout the party, make sure the mom-to-be is comfortable. Offer water often. Make the occasion an unforgettable one!



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