Baby? What Baby?

Hey there! It's funny that week one of pregnancy is never really a week one! Confused?

Don't worry! For first time mothers, it is difficult to judge the time of conception and by the time you get the good news, your week one of pregnancy already gets over. Visit your doctor and she will calculate your time of conception by taking into account your last menstrual cycle date.

If you have planned to finally start a family, then 14 days after your menstrual cycle are most fertile for you. Once the egg gets fertilized, it moves into the uterus and starts growing into a fetus. After missing your first-period cycle, you can perform a pregnancy test by using a pregnancy kit and those two pale blue lines will confirm that you have entered the journey of motherhood. There will be a few important tests as well that your doctor will perform during your first few weeks of pregnancy.

She will also give you the supplements to take on a daily basis for the healthy growth of the fetus, like folic acid tablet a day that contains 0.4 milligrams of folic acid that is required to keep genetic diseases at bay. Doctors generally start folic acid before the conception in women so that there will be a healthy pregnancy and the fetus would remain free from neural tube defects and spina bifida. There is no major development in your baby during week one and it is known as blastocyte during this week. Harmless to say, baby? What baby? Nah, there's still time!

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