Basic exercises you should be doing now

During the 9th week of pregnancy, with changes in hormonal levels, you are experiencing annoying symptoms like morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings to name a few. However, a pregnancy exercise plan will boost your mood and energy levels, thereby relieving these symptoms and promoting your health and growth of the baby to be.

The exercise plan need not be rigorous, leading to exhaustion. Moderate regular short walks, swimming, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are great exercise choices which will help you with mood swings, better sleep, maintain healthy weight gain and get your body ready for labor.

Swimming is one excellent exercise choice for you because it is gentle on your joints. The hormone relaxin is running through your body now and this helps to loosen the joints so that the pelvis can expand during childbirth. In case you have not been exercising before pregnancy, moderate short walks and yoga can be included in your exercise plan. Short walks in a calm environment with discreet talk to your baby to be, not only boosts your mood but is also a great way to bond with your little one.

Prenatal Yoga is another relaxing exercise which helps in promoting strength and flexibility. The breathing techniques help with childbirth later on while meditation has a calming effect on you. Please remember yoga is a way to relax and feel good. Hence 30 minutes is more than sufficient and no need to push yourself which is unsafe for you. Look for a certified yoga instructor who can guide you properly. In case you are at risk of premature labor avoid yoga.

Your doctor will recommend which form of exercise is safe for you depending on your pregnancy symptoms and overall present health. The main purpose of these exercises is to promote your physical and emotional well being, meet the challenges during pregnancy and childbirth later.




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