Be ready for some martial arts with endless kicks from the little one inside your tummy

At week 21, your baby is all punching and kicking inside your womb and these kicks and punches are harder than before now. So, do not feel surprised if this has increased in intensity and speed during this week as your baby is all active now. Sometimes, baby needs to stretch his arms and feet so this results in punching and kicking inside mother’s womb. Babies mostly move at night time and this makes the mothers uncomfortable. Babies in the womb mostly stay up during the night and that is why even after the birth they stay awake at the night time and makes the mother sleep deprived.

You can actually see your baby moving inside your womb and this is a beautiful sight for you as a mother. Sometimes, your baby will roll inside you and you can probably feel that as it will give you a feeling of massage inside the body while punching and kicking gives you pain. At this stage, your doctor can tell the position of your baby whether it is upright or breech. Babies are generally born in an upright position where the head is down and legs are upwards in the lungs area. Breech position is just the opposite of this where head is upwards and feet is in the downward position. You might feel that your baby is making bubbles of amniotic fluid in the stomach and you can feel hiccups as well. All this will have different feel and movements in your tummy.




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