Body changes and other symptoms you're likely to undergo

In week 20, there will be a lot of changes in your body as yours and your baby’s sizes are growing. You must have gained 10 pounds by this week and this will increase in the coming weeks. You will start feeling the movements of your baby along with all the punches and kicks. You will have strong nails and super shiny locks that you will love during this phase. This is all because of a surge in pregnancy hormones. This is the time when you will feel hungry more than the previous week and this is because of your growing baby. But, acidity and indigestion will play a spoilsport during this week and might trouble you more than often. It is a good idea to cut short a diet that is too spicy or oily instead go for light diet, dry fruits and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Take short meals after every two hours as this will be very easy to digest for you. You might complain of occasional headaches when you are in a suffocated or stuffy area. Make sure to remain in an airy place in a day and also do not overheat yourself by wearing too many layers. Wear loose fitting clothes will also save you from headaches and a feeling of dizziness. Your tummy will grow more in size and you can now spot your baby’s elbow or knee peeping out from your tummy which will make you smile every now and then. Your feet might swell up due to water retention in your body, so it is a good idea to wear loose shoes when you go out for a walk. To prevent swelling from the feet, you need to keep your feet on an elevated surface that will allow the water to flow freely in the body.



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