Body changes happening in you beyond your growing tummy

At week 22, along with your growing belly, you will also see some changes in your body.

Change In Hair: The hair on your head looks more thicker and shinier. This is because your body sheds lesser hair during pregnancy because of all those hormones circulating through your body. Similarly there will be increase in body hair due to the small amounts of testosterone your body is now producing. This hair will mostly be seen on your face, stomach, limbs, chest, and back.

Change In Skin: Changes in skin varies for different women. Some will find their skin glowing and radiant, while some others may get oily, inflamed acne-ridden skin. Sometimes, increase in melanin levels could create dark patches on your face. You could use a sunscreen or better avoid the sun entirely keep your skin hydrated.

Another persevering problem is stretch marks, caused by the expanding pregnancy bump. There is no other way to prevent the stretch marks. You can apply some soothing cream if they are itchy. Do not scratch.

Change In Breasts: You will notice that your nipples and areolae are larger and darker than before. There may also be tiny bumps on your breasts. This is because of oil glands that produce lubricating oil to protect your nipples from cracking when you start breastfeeding.

Change In Feet: Your increasing foot size is because of edema or simply swelling due to accumulation of fluids. It may also be due to the production of relaxin, the hormone meant to relax your stiff joints.

Change In Fingernails: Fingernails grow faster like hair during pregnancy, they may become hard, soft, rough, smooth or brittle depending on your body.

Constipation: You might have constipation. Drink lot of water. Infection around the vagina are also common at week 22.

These are some body changes you can expect. Consult your doctor if you are feeling uncomfortable or have any pain. Relax well and stay positive.




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