Bond with your partner and discuss parenting

Pregnancy brings about physical and emotional changes in the would-be-mother and support from the spouse during pregnancy, at delivery time and definitely once the little one arrives, makes this life-changing event exciting and joyful.

This is a great time for both of you to discuss parenting issues so that you are prepared mentally and are on the same page when the baby arrives.

Bond with your partner and discuss parenting

Discuss parenting with your partner. For starters, you can talk around the following topics and ask your partner these things: -Would you like to be in the room during delivery? Do you want to cut the umbilical chord? Also, decide on whether both of you want to go with cord blood banking or not?

Budgeting the expenses on factors like hospital charges, medicines, tests and baby supplies is important.

If you have been working, will you take a break, resume work after maternity leave or will quit the job? What adjustments your spouse can make to his schedule once the baby arrives?

How would the house chores be managed? Who does what? He can list the chores, which he will be doing. Another option is to hire a full- time maid to take care of the cleaning, cooking and other household chores.

If you want the baby's grandparents to help with childcare, ask each set of parents on how much they want to be involved.? Also, let them know how much of a role you want them to take. This conversation has to go smoothly with both of you being on the same page.

How are you both going to cope with a crying baby, especially at night time?

Where will baby sleep? Co-sleeping or in the crib?

Who would be the pediatrician? Also discuss about vaccinations needed after birth.

The idea behind discussing these parenting issues is to be prepared, be on the same page, and give the best in taking care of your bundle of joy as soon as your baby arrives.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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