Can you begin to connect with your baby already?

Your baby's memory develops while the little one is still inside the womb. Hence, the early connections with your baby will set up a lifelong intimacy and there are wonderful soothing ways to build this connection.

Your baby to be’s ears and auditory system are yet to develop. However, talking and singing to your little one early will help you feel closer. You can say good morning as you wake up, good night as you retire to bed and talk intermittently during the day. Sing a jingle or a lullaby too. The Dad-to-be can lean in close to your belly and talk or sing a song. This way both of you are bonding with him early on and supporting each other.

Pregnancy yoga is a relaxing way, which not only helps you in learning breathing techniques and gentle stretching but also gets you to focus on your growing baby and what superb work your body is doing during this time. As you relax your mind and body, you feel more in touch with your bundle of joy. You can also go for short walks in a calm environment and have a discreet talk with your baby bump.

You can also pen down the highlights of your pregnancy in a journal. Doctor visits, hunger cravings, hearing of heartbeat for the first time, etc. can be part of the journal and such a record can be a wonderful gift for your child when he is older.

Above are beautiful ways of expressing love for your baby to be. Also, as you bond with your baby, it makes you realize even more to take good care of yourself. In the weeks to come, the sound of your voice will have a calming and soothing effect on your baby.




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