Changes In Your Body During The Third Trimester

Congratulations, finally you have reached the last trimester of your prenatal journey! You will shortly be hitting the final destination, which is to take your sweet baby home post-delivery.

During this period, you might experience episodes of excitement and impatience to meet your little bundle of joy finally. In the meantime, your body goes through tremendous physical changes.

Changes In Your Body During The Third Trimester

As your baby grows, your body passes through extensive physical changes during the third trimester. Your baby bump will grow to its maximum size during this last trimester of pregnancy. The changes in your body during this last trimester can, at times make you feel awkward, drained out, and even heavy. Even day-to-day activities like getting out of your bed, standing up and sitting down could become a tedious activity.

You might also get emotional while you get prepped for your delivery and parenthood journey post-delivery. Taking small frequent meals and power naps are beneficial to cope up with these temporary changes. Here are some examples and tips which could guide you during this journey:

Few glimpses of the changes in your body during the third trimester

Dear mom-to-be, your baby bump will continue to grow during this phase of the trimester. You might experience a couple of symptoms during this period. A few glimpses of the changes happening to your body during the third trimester are highlighted below:

  1. Dull abdominal aches: During the third trimester, your abdominal ligament gets stretched to accommodate the growing baby bump. This could cause cramps and mild abdominal pain. Periodical pregnancy-safe mild stretches can help to cope with the condition.
  2. Fatigue: The third trimester makes the mom-to-be feel extremely tired at times. It could be due to the extensive demands of the pregnancy during the last trimester. Therefore, it advisable to eat a frequent nutritious diet while staying active.
  3. Heartburn: The expanding uterus during your last trimester exerts a push to your stomach and the intestine. This results in heartburn and can be treated with mild medications as per your doctor’s recommendation.
  4. Stretch marks: Due to expanding baby bump, your skin stretches and might result in stretch marks. Regular application of shea butter based moisturizer can minimize the appearance of these marks.
  5. Braxton Hicks contractionsAs you pass through the final few weeks before delivery, you might sense irregular contractions. These contractions are caused when your body gets prepared for the labor. But if you notice them at regular intervals then please contact your doctor immediately.
  6. Urinary incontinence: During your last trimester, you can experience leaking urine. It is caused due to the additional weight exerted by the pelvic floor muscles. This condition fades away post-delivery. Kegel exercise is advisable as it strengthens the supporting urinary bladder muscles.
  7. Varicose veins: The extra blood pumping demand during pregnancy leads to the development of bulging veins (e.g., varicose vein, hemorrhoids) in lower body parts. You need to be a little patient with such conditions as they subside after childbirth.
  8. Backache: The hormone Relaxin, relaxes the ligament and loosens the joint during pregnancy. This can result in mild to severe backache during the third trimester and generally goes away after your baby’s birth. In cases of severe backache, mild stretching exercises under your doctor’s guidance can be helpful.
  9. Tingling and numbness: Excessive swelling in your body during this trimester can at times press on your nerves. It might cause sensations like tingling and numbness in your arms and legs. The stretched out tummy’s skin can also get numb due to the expanding baby bump.
  10. Crazy dreams: The pregnancy hormones might impact your emotions and level of anxiety. This can further influence your thought process resulting in more vivid dreams.
  11. Clumsiness: Your pregnancy hormones, along with the bulging baby bump, can make you feel clumsy and forgetful. Therefore, it’s advisable to stay careful during the last few weeks of your prenatal journey. Make a list of the items which you need to carry with you to the hospital during delivery. If you have enrolled for banking your baby's stem cell, then don’t forget to carry the collection kit to the hospital.
  12. Leaky breasts: The mom-to-be might experience leaky breasts at times as your body gets prepped and primed for the breastfeeding after delivery. A comfortable maternity bra with breast pads can be beneficial.

Now, as you pass through these final few weeks before your delivery, it’s essential to visit your doctor and schedule all your third-trimester check-ups and tests on time. This trimester could be a little tedious, but shortly you will be taking home your prized possession, your baby!

Lastly, you also need to keep track of a few things and even ask your doctor if required.This includes: 

●  Your body weight and baby’s growth

●  Pending prenatal scans or tests

●  Additional diet supplements if required

●  Your baby’s Stem Cell Banking at birth & its benefits

●  If you have already enrolled with stem cell banking companies like LifeCell, make sure that you receive the collection kit. This portable kit needs to be carried to the hospital during delivery.

Several cord blood banks are currently available in India that offers special early bird enrolment packages for banking your baby’s precious stem cells.

LifeCell International, India’s first and most reliable community stem cell bank caters multiple storage plans with pocket-friendly easy EMI options, zero down payment, and processing fee at 0% interest rates.

Though this trimester could be a little tedious, shortly you will be taking home your prized possession, your baby!

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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