Changing breasts, lucid dreams: Symptoms you're likely to witness now

It’s time to say goodbye to the second trimester as you will be entering into the last trimester now. Your baby is growing quickly and will be getting bigger in the coming months so your body will respond to this growth with many new unwanted changes. But the good part is that these changes are not going to stay with you forever.Changing breasts, lucid dreams: Symptoms you're likely to witness now

27 Weeks pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms are likely to get worse in the coming days but they all are temporary in nature.

Backaches – Gentle stretching can help you to get some relief. Use maternity pillow which can help you to ease some pressure on your hips and makes your comfortable.

Sleeping Problems – Have you been struggling to get a good sleep during your pregnancy? Pregnant women feels sleepy during the day but could not a sound sleep at night. Exercise can help you to sleep better. Do some meditation, take a warm bath if possible, listen to soft music or do whatever works for you.

Leg Cramps – It is quite common to be a victim of cramps at this stage especially at night. Try some pregnancy yoga stretches after taking recommendation from your doctor. Walking can also help you to get some relief from leg cramps.

Disturbing Dreams – These are common during pregnancy and often a result of stress and anxiety. If you are stressed about anything (be it finances, delivery day or body changes) then try to be relax and calm yourself before going to bed.

Frequent Urination – Your unborn baby is putting a pressure on your bladder so you will be going to washroom more often than before.

Other Body changes – Some women’s also experience changes like hair fall, fast growth for nails and other skin color changes. Rub a good moisturizer in case you feel itching on your tummy.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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