Childbirth questions you should definitely ask your healthcare provider

Pregnancy is a new and exciting experience— one that will probably bring up a lot of questions for you. There are certain issues you should definitely bring up with your doctor as you enter the final weeks of your pregnancy.

•What pregnancy symptoms are normal, and what's an emergency? There are certain warning signs that you should definitely be aware about at this stage of your pregnancy. Your doctor should apprise you on what to do if you think you’re going into labour.

•What signs of labor should I be on the look-out for? As you near your due date, as your doctor what signs of labor you need to watch out for. The usual ones are contractions, your water breaking, and your “show”- the loss of your mucous plug, which is often a clear indicator that labor is commencing.

•Can we discuss/review my birth plan? Even though a birth plan isn't mandatory, and, when the day arrives, you may not end up following all of it, you should make one to familiarize yourself with the labor and delivery process and to make sure everyone involved is aware of your personal preferences.

•What should I expect during my labor and delivery? Many women find that when the big day arrives, they are not fully aware on what exactly is going to happen. So ask your doctor to give you a rundown of what to expect.

•What's the likelihood I'll need a C-Section? About one in three women delivers by C-section. So it's an important question to ask your doctor — especially if you're hoping for an unmedicated birth. Reviewing your personal risks with your doctor prior to labor helps guide your expectations.

•What should I know if I want to VBAC? If you delivered a baby via C-Section, you may have heard that it can be challenging to have a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) with a subsequent labor and delivery. However, many women have successfully delivered vaginally after having a prior caesarean. Talk to your doctor about your options.



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