Closer to conception

When we talk about week 2, you are actually not pregnant but you may release an egg that would make you pregnant! So, when your a gynaecologist will measure your pregnancy, she would usually do so from your last menstrual cycle. It is commonly observed that you become pregnant nearly by the end of week two or beginning of week 3 depending on your ovulation cycle. So, when we talk about ovulation, we actually calculate your fertility period.

Your body will take some time before it exhibits some signs of conception. Missing your periods in one of the most common and noticeable signs of pregnancy and then you can take a test to confirm the same. At 2 weeks of your pregnancy, physical changes will not be evident right away. Due to the increasing level of hormones, you will notice some changes like frequent urination, some spotting, sore breasts, fatigue, morning sickness. If you notice these symptoms then you are almost there and now you need to take good care of yourself.

The sex of your baby is already set at conception

Even as you wait to understand you can surely start with folic acid supplements as it will help your baby from the growing spinal cord defects. At 2 weeks, the sex of your baby has already been set though you can't know if it anytime soon. With a successful conception, in no time your baby's major organs would already begin to form. Hence, you must ensure that your intake of food must be filled with protein, iron, and vital vitamins.




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