Comfortable positions for sleeping, sitting, and resting now

At week 21, your body will grow rapidly and you will gain mass and weight as well. You need to keep up a good posture as this will save you from lot of aches and pains during your second trimester. While standing, you need to stand with your back straight and you chin pulled in. Do not tilt your head forward or sideways or down and hold it high in a comfortable position. Keep your shoulders stretched back and keep your chest forward. While sitting or standing or lying down, keep your knees straight and never lock them up. Keep your overall weight balanced on both your feet and do not wear heels, it’s time that you invest in a good flat footwear for yourself.

Always sit with your back straight and your shoulders stretched back so that your hips should touch the back of the chair. If the backache has taken a toll on you then sit with a back support cushion that will take care of the curve of your back. Distribute the weight of your body on both of your hips. Do not sit for long hours and take break after every half an hour. Take a stroll for 5 minutes and then come back to your seat and sit in a comfortable position. Sit up close to your desk and do not slouch a lot as this will make the back pain more acute.

Rest your elbows on the arms of the chair so that your hands will be in a comfortable position. While you stand up from the sitting position move to the front side of your chair and then stand up by straightening up your legs. Do not bend forward your waist and try to be in a straight posture. During pregnancy, you cannot lie down on your stomach and you also cannot lie flat on your back as this is an uncomfortable position at this stage. So, you can try to lie down sideways and specially to your left side as this will increase the blood flow and oxygen to the baby and he grows well inside you. Lying on your back can reduce the blood flow to the placenta and this can harm your baby. Lying on your stomach puts an added pressure on your baby in the womb and reduces the blood flow as well. Keep your pillow tucked under your head and not under your shoulders. Try pregnancy pillows that are available in the market for a comfortable sleep.



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