Common dreams during pregnancy and what they mean

During week 17 of your second trimester, you are experiencing many things at one go. You think much more about the changes in your body and you are anxious to know more about this journey of motherhood. So, your mind is also involved in lot of thinking process all the time. These thoughts take the shape of some bizarre dreams during pregnancy.

You might dream of giving birth to a pet and this means that it is a practicing ream where the pet is your baby and you are taking care of the helpless being. You might dream of giving birth to an alien and this is because you haven’t seen your baby and have no idea how your baby looks like, so you get this kind of weird dream.

You can also dream of pulling out your baby from the uterus and then putting it back again. This means that you need to check that your baby is developing normally inside you or not. This dream is common among the women who had suffered pregnancy loss or had high risk of pregnancy. This satisfies the fear of a mother when she looks at the baby and confirms that he is fine.

A pregnant woman dreams of water throughout her pregnancy since her baby is also growing inside the amniotic fluid. Swimming in your dreams means that you want to connect with your baby who is living in the water. Drowning in your dream means that you have the fear of your water breaking at any moment and it also shows that you are feeling overwhelmed. If you see your husband cheating on you that means that you are feeling unattractive and not very happy with the changes in your body. Crumbling teeth in your dreams shows that you are in a state of stress as to how your pregnancy will affect your life.

What are the dreams you are seeing of late in your pregnancy? Do share in the community now!




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