Common labor fears and how to deal with them

Are you feeling anxious for the big day? Giving birth is not an easy job, so it is natural to be a little worried at this stage. Your mind must be boggling with a lot of uncertainties. You might be scared that the pain will be too much for you to handle, but don’t worry, these pains will be worth it in the end.

Common fears at this stage:

Fear of Labor Pain This is the main fear in the mind of all expecting ladies that they will not be able to handle the pain. You need to keep yourself informed about what might happen in the labor room is the key to deal with this fear. Some women prefer to talk to their doctor in advance about the pain-relieving medication during labor, some prefer to go for epidural. It is best to learn few techniques to manage your pain.

C-Section Delivery C-Section is always a possibility that you should consider at the back of your mind. No matter how hard you try to deliver vaginally there are certain circumstances, which your doctor cannot avoid and may end up doing C-section. Talk to your doctor about the conditions in which she cannot opt for normal delivery. Make yourself clear to your doctor if you want a C-section delivery to be the last-resort. She might suggest you with some exercises and tricks, which increases the chances of normal delivery.

Making it to the hospital in time Is your hospital far away from home? Are you worried if you will be able to reach the hospital on time if your labor pain starts? There will be plenty of warning signals for you like intense cramping, water breaking, etc., which will make you alert in advance. If you still want to avoid this fear, then discuss it with your doctor once.

Pooping during Labor Pain Most of the women fear that they might end up having bowel movements while pushing. It can happen but you need not to get yourself worried or embarrassed as hospital staff will be there to clean it. After all, this is a natural phenomenon, which you cannot change or control.



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