Congratulations! With 20 weeks, you've come HALFWAY through your pregnancy!

During week 20 you will experience weight gain as your baby is bigger and growing rapidly inside you. Your energy level will be high all thanks to your surging hormone. You will have a good time shopping for your baby and yourself too. There will be problems like swelling, heartburn and leg cramps as well. Your vaginal discharge will increase and this will continue till your delivery time. Drinking lot of water and trying some leg stretching exercises will help in giving you relief from leg cramps. You will experience heartburn and indigestion more than the previous week as your baby is taking all the space inside you and pressurizing your body so eat small meals and also eat wisely. Eat nutritious and light food that will prevent the acidity build up in you.

You will also notice a change in your nails as they grow to be strong and your hair will also grow beautifully. Pregnancy hormones bring in more nutrients for hair and nails making them grow stronger than before. You will experience hair loss once your baby arrives so be prepared for that phase as well. This week will give you high energy but the coming trimester will make you tired as your baby will grow and weigh more so this needs lot of energy from your side. You might experience shortness of breath as your uterus will push against your lungs pressing them and your feet will swell too as a result of all the weight put down on your feet.



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