Decide a pediatrician for your baby

Deciding on the right pediatrician for your little bundle of joy can actually be a difficult task. Before you actually zero on a pediatrician, you must do some research and pre-planning. Selecting a pediatrician before childbirth may allow you for a well-considered choice. You might need to be convinced that the doctor selected by you will care for your baby in the best possible manner.

It is important that you meet your doctor a couple of times before your delivery because post your baby you will have too much to worry rather than worrying about the doctor. Prior visits will also help you connect with the doctor and understand topics such as parenting; breastfeeding, overusing medicines, and so on. In the initial year, you might need to visit her for about six routine visits a year, notwithstanding the unplanned visits. The best time to look out for a doctor is anytime between 28 weeks to 34 weeks.

For the first time parents, it is absolutely imperative to understand the personal connection and comfort level allowing you to discuss your questions and addressing your concerns. Let us try to understand some key factors before you choose your baby's doctor.

1. Recommendations Try to prepare a list of referrals basis personal experiences and recommendations from friends and family. You can try to accumulate and assimilate information available online. Surveys based on patient satisfaction, regarding their experiences, appointments, etc.

2. Credentials Additionally, you can do some study on the credentials of the potential paediatricians. You must make a note of points like medical history, degrees obtained by them, total experience accumulated by them. By looking at these factors you will be able to understand the one that will suit you.

3. Location It is another very important aspect whilst choosing your doctor, keeping in mind regular visits you may prefer short commutes. Also, during an emergency location really matters. Once you understand the location, you should also update yourself with your doctor's availability.

4. Overall quality Whenever you feel that you are spending a lot of time in the doctor’s clinic then you must see if it offers a comfortable environment. For instance, the waiting areas must be clean, well equipped with children play area, etc.



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