Did you get a wardrobe makeover yet?

During your pregnancy, your normal size will change and this will make a huge shift in your wardrobe. Do not spendthrift on your maternity clothes at one go as your size will change every now and then. So, choose your clothes wisely every month or if there is not much of a change in your body, then you can buy new maternity wear trimester-wise as well. Take-up trendy clothes, especially wraps and layers that will look good on you and cover your baby bump as well. If you wish to flaunt your baby bump with confidence then try out frilly and light clothes. You need to invest a lot in nursing bras and of good quality as they will support your breasts when you will breastfeed. Avoid padded and wired bras during pregnancy and go for easy and comfortable ones.

Buy loose fitted clothes and opt more and more for maxi dresses, long skirts, maternity jeans and leggings that will prove useful during your pregnancy period. Never go in for tight clothes as they will not prove fruitful in the coming months. You need to buy a new pair of walking shoes as well, as your shoe size also increases during pregnancy due to water retention. Buy accessories to perk up your look and go in for colors as per the season and your mood. Wear bright colors to perk up your mood and look at the same time.



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