Did you install your baby's car seat yet?

Using a car seat for your child safety is mandatory to protect them while travelling; using them reduces the risk of fatal injury. You must ensure that both selections of the car and installation is done correctly so that it efficiently serves the purpose. Parents mostly believe that the best car seats are the ones that are most expensive, but actually, the best car seat is the one which fits a child's weight, size, age, and also your vehicle.

Guidelines for choosing car seats:

•While selecting the car seat, make it a point to check if there are any missing parts or if the goods are not properly labelled with the manufacturer details, like date, model number, or if the instruction manual is there.

•Further, you are also suggested that for your newborn, you should only go for infant-only seats and go for a bigger size as your baby outgrows them. However, a very big seat size will not serve the purpose and so, if your priority is safety, then you must follow the guidelines as per the age and weight and accordingly and select the seat.

•As far as installation is concerned, the seat should always be installed to face the rear of the car. The back of the safety seat will cradle the baby’s head, neck, and torso if there is any mishap because at this age, the neck of the baby is not so strong to support the head in a crash. Follow the manual closely and keep the child’s seat in a rear-facing set-up as much as possible.

•Mostly, infant-only seats are multi-purpose, as in they also serve as carriers, chairs, or rockers. Few models also allow you to install the base in the car, and some of them can be switched into strollers to be wheeled around.

You must anyways try to limit the amount of time spent in the seat because too much time spent in the seat can limit the mobility and movement and can prove to be a hindrance in developing sensory and motor skills of your little one.

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