Dos and Don'ts for a healthy pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy starts early. There are many dos and don'ts, which when followed, will help you feel better inspite of the annoying pregnancy symptoms.

The DOs:

DO choose moderate physical activity like walking You can start with short walks. This will help you gain strength and you can meet the physical demands of pregnancy well. You can also discuss the exercise routine with an instructor who can provide necessary guidance during this time.

DO stretch Stretching helps you feel relaxed, giving you flexibility and preventing tightening of muscles.

DO prenatal yoga You can also try prenatal yoga and deep breathing, making you feel better and sleep well.

DO keep yourself hydrated Dark colour urine indicates you need to drink more water. By being well hydrated, you can prevent problems like constipation and bladder infections. In case nausea is bothering you, sip water throughout the day rather than drinking more water at once.

DO talk to your doctor about the medicines you are presently taking to treat any ailment He will find out whether the medication is safe or unsafe to take during pregnancy.

DO start taking prenatal vitamins Folic acid is recommended by the doctor as it aids in the development of your baby’s spinal cord and nervous system during week 5 of pregnancy. Calcium and Iron are also prescribed promoting development of the baby.

DO take rest Go to bed early and get rest by taking a power nap when feeling exhausted.

DO stock healthy snacks like dry fruits, yoghurt, fresh fruits These will be handy especially when you feel hungry and ensure right food goes in.

The DON'Ts:

DON'T drink too much of juices and sweetened drinks as they will add extra calories. Limit coffee and tea intake too.

DON'T eat foods that contain bacteria, toxins and parasites. Example under cooked meat, unpasteurized soft cheese, raw sprouts etc.

DON'T smoke. This will affect fetal growth, lead to placental problems, miscarriage and early birth.

DON'T get exposed to pollutants and pesticides.



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