Effective ways to combat headaches & frequent urination

Headaches can actually become extremely traumatic during pregnancy, and getting them treated is extremely important. Taking paracetamol for a mild headache is fine but then there are certain painkillers that you must avoid.

To combat headaches, you can also try low doses of aspirin, but again post consultation by a doctor. You must try to take the smallest of antibiotics as they might have some harmful effects on your baby.

You can also try certain tips to combat headaches, like drink at least 8 glasses of fluid a day to avoid dehydration, ensure you get enough sleep, maintain and eat a healthy and balanced diet, and most importantly, try to relax and take rest. You can try some yoga or other forms of exercises to relax.

Frequent urination is another difficult problem, which pregnant mothers need to combat. It is caused by many influences. As your uterus grows, it begins to press against your bladder and make you feel like you need to urinate even though your bladder is empty. To relieve frequent urination, you must try to avoid aerated drinks, coffee, tea from your diet. But certainly, do not stop or reduce the intake of fluids, as you must be hydrated at all times.

You must also try to cut down on fluids just before bed-time. You can also get a check-up done for UTI because if there is blood with urine then it can be a serious issue. Ensure that throughout your pregnancy, you go for an ultrasound at regular intervals. You can try to change your position frequently as some women feel less pressure on their bladder while sitting or lying compared to standing. There is certainly no magic to combat this problem and it shall remain with you throughout your pregnancy but certain some tips can help you relieve them.

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