Food for thought: How do you go about meals at home after delivery

It is very important to eat a healthy diet after the delivery of your baby as your body needs healthy food the most at this point of time as well. After delivery, the body becomes weak and to add on to the lost nutrients in the body, the diet should be healthy. If you are breastfeeding after the delivery then a healthy diet becomes more important as what all you will be eating will be passed on to your baby through your milk.

Include lot of grains in your diet like wheat, rice, oatmeal, brown rice that contains iron and saves you from the problem of anemia. This also contains high amount of fiber that keeps your digestive system healthy and bowel movements smooth. Eat all kinds of vegetables like green leafy vegetables, fenugreek, carrot, peas, beans that provides you metabolism and boosts your energy at the same time.

Eat all kinds of seasonal fruits available and go for dry fruits as well that are very healthy for you. Eat yogurt, cheese, on daily basis, as your body needs a lot of calcium to prevent bone loss after delivery. Eat lots of nuts, seeds, peas, pulses and beans to get a lot of protein to build up your muscles well. Drink lots of water so that you will stay away from dehydration. Add turmeric in your diet as this will have healing effects on your body and it also treats various aches and pains in your body after the delivery.

Do not go after lot of oil and ghee in your diet as the elders suggest, do mindful eating and eat what you feel is healthy for your body. Stay away from alcohol, smoking and caffeine post delivery as these are not at all healthy for your baby. Avoid garlic as this might lead to its pungent smell in your breastmilk and your baby refuses to drink your milk in that case.Avoid foods that leads to acidity or gas as your baby will also suffer from gas and this will make your baby feel uncomfortable. Fried snacks and fizzy drinks are also not a part of your diet, so it is better to avoid them at any given cost.




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