Has the labor greeted you yet?

Pregnancy is considered full-term at week 39 and if you haven’t tasted the pain of labor then your doctor will help you in induce labor and speed up the delivery process. If the baby and you are doing fine beyond week 40, then the doctor wait for the natural labor pain but if something is wrong with the baby or with your health then the doctor suggest artificial pain or a C-Section delivery. There are several methods of inducing labor and it also depends on the dilation of the cervix and baby’s health as well. Most doctors examine the cervix and see how well it has been dilated to estimate the chances of a normal delivery. Stripping of the membranes is done by the physician where she will separate the amniotic sac from the uterus so that prostagladins are released that induces the labor in pregnant women.

Labor is induced when there are chances of a normal delivery and cervix has naturally started ripening. The labor inducing gel or some medicine is given to the mother that increases the labor pain and baby is delivered normally. Here doctors do not take the chance of doing a C-Section unless there is an emergency. Usually those pregnant women whose labor pain comes in naturally and not induced have better chances of recovering quickly. Even infants that are born overdue are at the advantage of getting improved breathing pattern, more strength, and increased brain development.




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