Have a detailed talk during your prenatal visit if you haven't already

It is important that you go for good prenatal care for a healthy start in this phase of your life. You must be wondering what you shall discuss during your session, or what are the questions that you can ask, if those questions are relevant or not, so on and so forth.

First things first, you must not hesitate to ask or inquire about anything. Every woman undergoes a different experience altogether so it’s completely okay even if you ask a couple of irrelevant questions.

Mention everything that you are feeling or wondering about. Mention your current physical state and show your prescriptions if you are undergoing any treatment or taking any over the counter medicines.

Your due date is estimated as per the 1st day of your last period, so maintain a calendar and remember your date correctly. As per that date, your ultrasound will also be scheduled. Your health advisor might also discuss if you want to undergo a test to determine your baby’s risk of any chromosomal or genetic problems. So, it’s always good if you analyse and jot down any genetic disorders in your family.

You must be wondering as to what exactly happens in the prenatal visits. It basically begins with your midwife asking you questions to understand how you’re feeling physically and emotionally and take the conversation further if they have specific concerns about you. It will be followed by some basic tests, such as weight, blood pressure, urine, measurement of your abdomen. Other important tests will be performed if necessary. At the end of the visit, they will review the tests and have a conversation with you and update you on their findings, explain the normal changes in the coming days, and counsel you on your lifestyle.

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