Have you started talking to your baby yet?

At week 17, your baby has fully developed organs and she can very well listen to the voices outside your womb. She can also feel the warmth of your hands and can feel the light that falls on your bump when you are in the room. The ears and hearing sense of your baby develops at this point of time and it is a good idea to stimulate this by talking to your child. If you have not yet started, then start it now as your baby can very well hear you singing and talking to your baby. For this, you need to relax yourself by placing yourself at a comfortable and silent place where you can have a word with your baby. Your baby’s tiny hair in the ears are beginning to grow and this will tune to stimulate the sounds coming from outside.

This is also proven in various studies that when you talk regularly to your baby while she is in your womb, then the baby remembers some of the common words that are frequently used by you. This also helps in developing the oral communication of your baby and the baby gets more close to you. By listening to your voice, she starts responding to you first within few months because she remembers your voice. Not only the mother, but the father should also communicate with the baby regularly to develop a beautiful bond between them. Talking to the baby will strengthen your bond with the baby and deepen their love for you. Listen to a soothing music as this will not only relax your mind and body but it will also prove healthy for your baby by building up spatial reasoning skills. Make sure that you do not shout or keep yourself in a noisy environment as this might prove harmful for your baby in the womb.




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