Have you started thinking of baby names yet?

At week 18, you can start thinking about your baby’s name irrespective of the gender. Select separate names for boy and girl and prepare a list based on your choice. You can choose from the family names like your grandma’s first name or your mom’s maiden name, choose from your favorite street or places that you love to visit in your city. You can also go through spiritual and sacred texts to look out for unique name of your baby. If you like certain flowers, month, season or anything related to nature then you can name your baby after that. Look for the names that are in trend and always look for a shorter name that your baby can easily pronounce and remember as well. In fact, you can also see if a beautiful name can be formed by mixing parts of yours and your spouse's name.

Now that you have a fair idea about your baby as you have seen him or her in your recent ultrasound, so you can easily decide on a name for him that suits the best. You have plenty of time to look for various websites that gives you a list of popular names based on the gender of the baby. So sit with your partner in peace and start selecting the best ones for your baby. When your bundle of joy will be in your arms then you already have a beautiful name in your mind that you will give to your baby.




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